Annie (pt.2) #AdachiHairStories

“Oh, honey, you’re not gonna find a man that way. You want a man to feel manly, and how is he going to feel manly if your hair is shorter than his?” This is Part 2 of my conversation …

Dami (pt.1)- #AdachiHairStories

Dami Yusuf is a Nigerian YouTuber and Pharmacy Student living in Scotland. Here, she talks about her relationship with her hair, professionalism and natural hair in the workplace, and her advice for building a natural hair routine. (Part 1 of 2)

Annie (pt. 1) – #AdachiHairStories

To be honest, I think it stemmed from my mum because she wanted us to fit in more than we were aware of it. As in, I knew I wanted to belong but I didn’t know how. And to my mum, the problem was, okay she doesn’t look like them. How can I make her look more like them? And the way to do that was for me to have straight hair.