March’s Journal

Well, I think it’s safe to say that March didn’t go as planned for anyone….

I’ve already touched on how the covid-19 situation and lockdown has effected me in these blog posts, so for this month’s journal I thought I’d do something different and write only about the good things that have happened this March.


One of my main goals for March was to focus a little less on being 100% productive all the time and create space to enjoy things simply because I can and because I choose to. With that in mind, I started March in the dark, on a golf course, sitting on a sodden blanket and freezing cold.

Those are the facts on paper but that morning – awake at five to go climb a hill to watch the sunrise – was one of the best mornings of my life. I’m not an early riser if I don’t have to be, getting out of bed at a reasonable time is one of the greatest struggles of my life, and climbing hills is probably another. But with my friends, the dogs, and flasks of hot chocolate, off I went and I’m so glad I did.


As weird as March has been, it’s definitely been a month of creative growth. While photography for the Hair Stories project is on hold for now, I did get a couple of sessions in this month and it felt so good to be out photographing again. As a way of storytelling, I adore creating photo essays but procrastination, mostly rooted in perfectionism, usually gets the best of me. But the number of people who reached out to me on Instagram to be involved in the project has been the push I needed to get out of my head and into creating. I can’t wait to get back out there!

I also had the pleasure of creating some product photography for Laayo.Co, a black and female-owned lifestyle brand, to run during their Mother’s day social media campaigns. And now that I’m home all day and can’t photograph the people the way I normally do, I’m committing to taking time to learn how to photograph indoors in small spaces like my bedroom) and also learning how to photography myself. I dread self-portraits because I’m super critical of myself and being confronted by my own image brings up a lot of insecurities but it’s a learning process and I’m enjoying the challenge.



Creatively speaking, March has reminded me of the joy to be found in being creative, even if only for yourself.

Life got slower

Even though classes and assessments have continued online, not having to commute to and from work and uni, catch buses or go for late-night gym sessions (didn’t think it was possible but I really miss the gym) has slowed my life down an awful lot. And while it’s taken a few weeks to get used to, it’s created some wonderful moments. I’ve got time in the morning to sit with a mug of tea and my journal and lay out my thoughts and prayers and intentions without rushing on to the next thing. I can make meals from scratch and try new things. The hour I’d spend on the bus has become the hour I call my family and loved ones and laugh until my belly aches.


looking to april

I’m going easy on myself in April. I’ve got just over a month left in the uni semester so my main focus will be school, but I’ll be allowing myself space and time to pursue more creative outlets, *virtually* hang out with my friends and, just for the sake of it, do nothing.


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