January Favourites



While most months simply fly by, January certainly seemed to drag on! I don’t know if it was the darkness or the cold but it seemed to last forever. Getting out of bed each morning was a chore but at least I had a few new things to keep me going…


It always feels weird trying to get into the rhythm of a new year and this month was no exception. With new habits I wanted to form and activities I wanted to try, I needed a simple way to organise my time effectively. I’d seen a lot about time blocking on Pinterest so I decided to give it a try. After downloading half a dozen apps that didn’t quite work how I needed them to, I came across TimeTune. This app is amazing! You can block out your whole week, colour code and set up alarms and notifications to keep you on track. The pro version even lets you integrate with Google Calendars.


I picked up Burning Bright by Nick Petrie several months ago but only got around to reading it on my flight back to France over the new year. I’m a big fan of thrillers and this book had everything I loved; strong characters, sci-fi elements and plenty of suspense. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series.



Anyone who knows me will know how much I love musical theatre. I stumbled across the ‘Be More Chill’ Soundtrack sometime in December and became obsessed! Almost two months on and I’m still listening to it religiously. I can’t put into words how much I love this album – and how desperately I want to see the show live someday. It’s the perfect blend of sci-fi and comedy and I’m saving up pennies to get to New York.

If you have a chance listen to the tracks ‘Michael in the Bathroom’ and ‘Loser Geek Whatever’.

I’ve also been enjoying Lightning Round by one of my favourite bands, Bad Bad Hats. Seriously worth a listen.



I tried a whole bunch of new recipes this month but my favourite by far was this salmon pasta. I improvised and added dijon mustard and asparagus and it turned out lovely. I’ve made it three times since.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my roundup of January faves. What did you love this January?


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