3 Positive Changes I Made in January

A new year is a great time for a fresh start and a good opportunity to make some changes and form new habits.

I decided to kick of 2019 with three simple everyday changes to see if I could improve my life.

I started walking to work


I purposely didn’t buy a bus pass in January so that I’d have to start walking to and from work. I’m very fortunate to live in a small town and work is only a 20 minute walk away but it was honestly still so haarrrdddd. Dragging myself out of bed half an hour earlier so I’d have enough time was a real struggle but I persevered and rain or shine (it was mostly rain) I walked in to work.

As hard as it was, it was a massively positive experience. As well as being good exercise, it gave me a chance to clear my head before I got to work and I found some great podcasts to listen to on my way home. And even if I didn’t manage to work out one day, I knew I’d at least gotten some exercise. Walking improved my mood and gave me clarity and I definitely plan on keeping up this habit well into the year.


I started getting my ‘5-A-Day’ 


We all know how important it is to eat fruit and veg but, honestly, getting your five a day is easier said than done. I read somewhere that your five portions should be more veg than fruit and that was the hard part. I love my veggies but I’m lazy. All you’ve gotta do with fruit is wash or peel it but veg takes more time.

I challenged myself to go for six portions: 4 veg and 2 fruit. To make it easier on myself I washed and chopped my veg in advance and kept it in the fridge so when it was time to make dinner I had them all ready to go.  I found out that I’ll happily eat sauteed courgettes, carrots and spinach with EVERY meal. Seriously, with pasta, with rice, with anything.


I went on an Instagram purge 


Every once in a while, I like to go through who I’m following on instagram and unfollow the profiles and tags that no longer interest me or make me happy. I know that social media is in no way reflective of real life but I often find myself falling into a comparison trap and wondering why my life isn’t as fun or glamorous as someone else’s.

Taking the time to unfollow and reorganise at the start of the year did wonders for my mental health and helped to add to the whole fresh start mentality. As someone who struggles with low self esteem, social media is always going to be a minefield but I know that this is something I can always do to reset.



So there you have it: three changes I made in January. I’m so excited to see where this year takes me and try out even more changes in the coming months. What are some changes you’ve made this month?

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